Sunday, March 9, 2008

Greener grass

Is it normal for a woman to sleep with her daughter's boyfriend? Is it normal that said daughter is 14? Is it normal that said boyfriend is 33? Is it normal that both may now be pregnant with the same man's baby? Is it normal that things like this don't surprise me? Probably not. I've given up on trying to find an ounce of normalcy up in this jizoint. :) I could go on and on with the entire story but frankly it is too long and I would like to curl up with my book and then go to sleep. The entire point of telling you even this minute portion of the story is I want everyone to know YOUR FAMILY IS NOT THAT BAD! Apparently 'the grass is always greener on the other side.' Here's a tad bit o' wisdom: It only looks greener because it's not real grass. Rip up that AstroTurf and find out what's bubbling beneath the surface. Chances are it's worse than what you have. I would, right now, like to apologize profusely to the family that is worse than mine. Congrats on making it this far. I know it's not easy. That's it for now.

Night dahlins,

Tonight I'm starting 'Under the Tuscan Sun' by Frances Mayes. I know it's nothing like the movie but I'll have to drudge through the first few chapters before I can get into the flow of it. That's why you should never watch a movie before reading the book. :-P

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