Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've sat down about five times in the past two days or so to write something about which I've been thinking a lot lately. This, however, shall not come to pass. I can't bring myself to type out the words in the exact way I wish to express them. I guess this is the difference between an artist and everyone else. An artist can express things in the way their 'heart' feels it and I can only do it in the way my mind understands it. The problem with writing the blog I wanted to write is that it involves emotions and, well, the 'heart.'

What makes that possible? What is it in an artist that gives them the ability to form an abstract emotion, completely amorphic, into something visible/audible - and often pleasing to the senses. And for that matter, what is it about an emotion that makes it so beautiful? Even the most painful feelings are most often transcribed into an aesthetically pleasing montage of divine images.

I'm just not sure, damn it!

This all brings me to another point. I know it's been tossed around quite a bit these past few years but...emos. WTF? It's one thing to want to share your inner feelings with the rest of the world but it is a completely different thing to show off the fact you are depressed. I don't care and I doubt anyone else does. Get over the cutting and get over the 'guy' liner. It's not ok and never will be. You're the type of people who see a red square on a black background and think 'oh, art.' It's not art and neither is your music. ~smiles~

Anyways...I guess what I'm trying to get to is that it would be nice to write down how I feel without it coming out as a clumsy example of grade school poetry - or as an emo piece of crap. So in closing I'll leave you with this:

The Big Pig

I saw a big pig
Who wore a wig
And did a very funny jig
After that he got a twig
And hit another little pig

By Joshua B.

That was a grade school poem, by the way. I think it's cute.

If you're wondering about the title of this blog...
I'm drinking tequila.

Le fin

Ciao ciao,

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Adelaide Cecilia said...

*lol* Emos are quite the oddity, are they not? ... Hmm Of course this is what they want.